October Newsletter



Myriad Engineering Newsletter October 2015

At Myriad Engineering we have recently upgraded our computer systems and installed the Abel® ERP software from the factory floor through to our marketing and production team to enable us to integrate, with real-time visibility, all of the critical information we need to stay competitive.

The Abel® system delivers to us true Enterprise Resource Planning capability across all business functions installed in a single system. This gives us total control of our pricing and precision small-parts production processes.

Benefits for Myriad

Integrated financial, manufacturing, production scheduling, inventory and pricing information.

Easy-to-access real-time visibility for all Myriad staff.

Greater overall production efficiency and cost control.

Faster, more accurate pricing and quotations.

Benefits to Customers

High degrees of accuracy for one-off, more complex products because Abel® links a soft copy of our customers’ bespoke design drawings directly to their specific job giving us immediate clarity.

Competitive pricing due to our high degrees of efficiency.

Quicker replies to requests for customer pricing and quotations.

Timely production and delivery dates to support our customers own production planning capability.

The main benefit for us is that the new Abel® system has given us more time to focus on strategic direction giving us the ability to develop stronger customer relationships and to better target new customers.

Mark Wilson, Managing Director

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