A Local Supplier, at a Competitive Price

Gyro Plastics is a New Zealand owned, design and manufacturing company. They provide a range of electrical products, custom moulding with bespoke designs and manufacturing. Established in 1968, Gyro Plastics is well known for providing NZ’s infrastructure industry with a wide range of distribution pillars and cabinets. 


Manufacturing a Strong Relationship

Myriad Engineering has been making a wide range of components for Gyro Plastics for more than 15 years. Most of these components are manufactured in plastic, brass and stainless. They are all produced here, in our Seaview workshop and end their journey in the Underground Power Pillars made by Gyro.


Using Communication to Overcome Challenges

Due to fluctuations in Gyro’s demand for product, it can be a challenge to meet their short lead times. Myriad Engineering’s point of difference is that we’ve designed an inhouse system to combat this. By operating a ‘Kan-ban’ inventory control system, we can hold stock of the key components.

Each month, Gyro Plastics gives Myriad their orders for the componentry based on demand. Then throughout the month, Myriad Engineering maintains communication with Gyro to understand their fluctuating demand for stock.

“It’s really good knowing that we always have someone to call. No matter our needs, be it new products or updating stock demands. This communication means Myriad Engineering always knows what to do and have the right information.” - Trudi Duncan, Managing Director.

The system benefits Myriad as we can process the products on an ongoing basis and balance their factory workload. It also provides security to Gyro Plastics as they can trust that Myriad will always have components available. Win-win!

Delivering Unparalleled Results, at Competitive Prices

“Competitive pricing was the biggest factor in choosing Myriad Engineering, along with the ease of working with them. The fact that they will hold stock for us to pull when required is unprecedented.

One thing that makes Myriad Engineering great to work with is their vast capabilities. Their different machinery, and experience with all types of engineering, means there is nothing they can’t work out. There’s never been anything that they couldn’t do for us. This includes price competitive jobs with short runs of product - often that’s where you can easily get caught out.”

- Trudi Duncan, Managing Director.