A Top Supplier for RPS Switchgear


Based in the Hutt Valley, RPS Switchgear is the world’s premier manufacturer of 12KV switchgear and electrical distribution solutions. Their switchgear componentry is used world-wide in electricity utility companies, industrial manufacturing and processing companies. Myriad Engineering has been manufacturing RPS’s products for more than 7 years and are one of their top 5 suppliers, worldwide.



Each project RPS Switchgear embarks on, is custom designed and built, meeting very specialised and exact requirements. RPS Switchgear’s design engineers are given specs by their customers with set deadlines.

Once the specifications have been reviewed and approved, we turn to the manufacturing process. Timeframes are often extremely tight. Our initial challenge is to review drawings and source the raw materials. With the specialised work we do, we are often the only NZ manufacturer using the raw material.

Consequently, sourcing the specific materials relies on the strong relationships and ongoing communication we have with our NZ steel and copper suppliers.


Once the materials are onsite in our workshop, the manufacturing process typically includes:

  • CNC Machining
  • NC bending of copper
  • Electroplating
  • Certification


Our regular work with RPS Switchgear involves manufacturing their components. These are often copper ‘buzz bars’ and connectors. A robust, high quality product is important because RPS uses these for medium voltage ‘switches’ in industrial situations with clients such as factories and power utility companies. We also supply smaller items which are collectively moulded into insulators and crank handles.


In the customer’s words

Ronnie Ryan, Group Product Manager, RPS Switchgear says, “Good suppliers are an important part of our business and we need ones that we can work with who always deliver high quality and in short lead times. Myriad’s customer service is always good and it helps that my purchasing team get on very well with them We have a great relationship. We get together every two months, have a debrief, discuss how recent projects have gone, any issues and what’s coming up. That sort of relationship is very beneficial when it comes to a business like ours and sometimes they just pull out miracles!”