Our Journey with Faiveley Transport

Faiveley Transport - a Wabtec company are a global trading organisation. In New Zealand, they specialise in maintenance of the train network.

Keeping on Track

Myriad was asked to develop the replacement valves based on some rudimentary drawings. After some research, Myriad suggested some key design amendments, and hard anodising to extend their life and performance.


Prototypes were made and pressure tested. Once proven, large scale production started using our CNC machinery. These are now in use across New Zealand’s rail network.



Smart Designing the Key to Success 

Randall Prestidge, New Zealand Business Manager for Faiveley Transport - a Wabtec Company, highlights another critical project Myriad solved. He says,

“There was an issue with a part called the Brake Block Keys on the Matangi trains. These are critical to the safe operation of the trains. They had a design problem that meant we couldn’t commission the new trains. Myriad were really good. They helped identify the problem and made a batch of new ones for us. Some of these were sent to Korea and incorporated in to the production lines. Others were retrofitted into the trains already in Wellington.

Since then we have thrown various little jobs at Myriad, most of our supply chain is offshore such as Germany, China, India etc. This works okay, but is very slow. So when we need a specialist part at short notice, we always call Myriad. They know what they are doing, do it quickly and are always price competitive. We’ve done four or five jobs like that in the last few months and although they normally do big runs for people they always manage to fit us in. Our relationship with Myriad goes back a long way. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. We have never had a bad job out of them and it is just easy to keep going back.”