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CNC milling for all machinable materials - completed within spec and on time, every time!

We use the latest and most reliable machinery, so that you get the peace of mind that all of your work will be completed to the highest standard. Your requirements can always be met to give you and your clients a job you can be happy with.


Large bed CNC mills - high-tech tooling

No matter what you need, we can provide the service and tools to ensure it is completed. Large bed CNC mills allow all your metal and other solid material engineering to be worked on and completed to a high standard. Contact us today to inquire about any projects you need to be worked on.


Milling all machinable materials

Don't put up with unreliable materials that are not well maintained or constructed causing future problems for you and your clients. All the machinable materials that we work with are milled, so you can expect a high quality result.

This can include:
• Steels
• Brass
• Copper
• Aluminium
• Nylon
• Carbon fibre
• Wood
• Plastic

Helpful, approachable workshop staff

Our staff are helpful, professional and approachable. We can deal with design issues and transform your ideas into reality.

Any questions you have, just ask. We can often solve future issues that you may not have been aware of and tackle your problems before they arise.


Prototypes through to large production runs

No matter the demands of your job, they can be met - from one off pieces or products to future production runs. We store a digital plan of every job we work on, so if you require more in the future, it is only a phone call away.


Machining done on time & to specifications

It's important that you know your job will be completed on time and to your exact specifications. All of our machining is done to the predetermined deadline and specifications, so you can rest assured, you and your clients will get the right product at the right time.


Delivering to your workplace

Business can be very busy and you may not always have the time to pick up your products from our workshop. If so, delivery can be organised, nationwide, at standard freight prices.

milled and turned parts
Milled Turned 1
Assorted milled and turned parts
Lower Hutt
Milled Turned 2
Assorted milled and turned parts
milled turned bent parts
Milled Turned Bent
Assorted milled turned and bent parts