CNC Turning

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Reliable and efficient CNC lathes to keep within product specifications

All jobs are completed to the highest standard with top of the line resources. We have CNC turning machines, Fusion 360 software and experienced staff, which means you can get the job you want done right every time, and to the deadlines you need.

Precision automated CNC lathes

Get the best, most modern approach to engineering all the parts needed for your company. Our CNC lathes mean that your projects are completed efficiently and professionally so you are given a reliable and high quality product.

Highly experienced CNC staff

Don't have your company's work toyed with. Our team are highly experienced, so you get the peace of mind that your jobs will be completed professionally. This also means that no matter how much of a challenge, any problems can be resolved.

Using Fusion360 CNC software

If you have designs drawn using CNC software, chances are good that we can work directly from those drawings. This makes it easier than ever before to make quality products and share details and specs.

Turning all machinable materials

All materials that can be machined can be worked on our lathes. This includes all metals, plastics, nylon, wood and many other materials. You will always get a high quality, reliable and professional product. Contact us today to find out more using the form on the right.

Machining work on time & within specification

You value your time and we understand that you want to meet your deadlines and be professional with your clients. We will work to your deadlines and will produce the finished product on time and to specifications, so you can rest assured.

Delivery to your workplace

Business can be very busy and you may not always have the time to pick up your products from our workshop. If so, delivery can be organised, nationwide, at standard freight prices

See some examples of our CNC Turning Service:

Case Study: A Top Supplier for RPS Swtichgear


milled and turned parts
Milled Turned 1
Assorted milled and turned parts
Lower Hutt
Milled Turned 2
Assorted milled and turned parts
Milled Turned Broached
Assorted milled, turned and broached parts
Turned 1
Turned parts
Hawkes Bay
Turned 5
Turned parts