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From beginning to end we can arrange it all: Welding, bending, casting, plating, powdercoating, forging, laser cutting.

Our workshop provides the arena for whatever work you need to be completed.

Quality gas welding, metal work, casting and forging, laser cutting and etching and so much more, means that all your general engineering needs can be solved right here.

MIG, TIG, arc & gas welding

Get a professional and reliable welding job. We provide quality welding for a wide range of materials - covering all steels, alloys, brass and copper . You know that whatever the material is, we can do the job.

Metal bending & cutting

We provide quality metal bending and cutting so you can get the work needed. Our machines can bend heavy sections of metal up to 100mm x 20mm and can cut sections up to 300mm round.

All our machinery is top quality so your finished product will be completed to the highest standard.

Presswork - cropping, punching & forming

Our wide range of press tooling enables us to give you the result that you need. We can produce the tooling for manufacturing a specific item or for general presswork, we can utilised a wide range of universal and professional tooling.

Metal casting & forging - steels, aluminium & bronze

All your casting and forging jobs are completed to a high standard with top of the line machinery, so you get an outstanding finished product. Leave the whole process to us.

Laser cutting & etching

Laser cutting and etching can be applied to all jobs using steel, aluminium and bronze. This ensures that your products are constructed to a high standard and are very durable.

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