Large bed CNC mills
With high tech tooling

Efficient and precise!
Our top quality CNC milling machines
remove the guesswork and ensure that your
products are reliably produced to a high standard.

CNC milling

With precision
automated CNC lathes

Using CNC lathes and CADCAM software
means your products will be within
specification every time, guaranteed!

CNC turning

From beginning to end
We can arrange it all

Welding, bending, casting
Plating, Powdercoating
Forging and Laser cutting

general engineering

Robot Welding

Improved quality

Myriad Engineering,

has built its reputation through a service that is tailored to the customer. You can outsource your precision engineering, CNC machining, metal coating and parts assembly with confidence.  Myriad specialises in providing quality Engineering Services to a host of business enterprises and has specialised equipment to machine various materials to the customers requirements. Read more

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Tricky Machining

We do tricky stuff.  We are willing to do your tricky jobs that others might turn down.

Helpful, friendly

Talk to our helpful and friendly staff.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and talk to our engineers.


We guarantee our work.  Your parts will be machined consistently within specifications or the parts will be re-machined free of charge.

Recent Works

A Local Supplier, at a Competitive Price

Myriad Engineering has been making a wide range of components for Gyro Plastics for more than 15 years.

A Top Supplier for RPS Switchgear

Myriad Engineering has been manufacturing RPS Switchgear’s products for more than 7 years and are one of their top 5 suppliers, worldwide.

Haden & Custance gets their Daisy Chain Rollers

Haden and Custance are global leaders in the automation of bulk cheese and butter products, supplying to over 130 companies in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Helping New Zealand Manufacturers Deliver Across the Globe

Vega Industries meets customer demand by outsourcing aspects of its manufacturing to Myriad Engineering on an ongoing basis.


Dalton Plan
Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce
Life Flight
Seaview Business Community
Wellington Free Ambulance