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Coatings and finishes for all machined materials

Don't put up with tools and products that don't sustain the circumstances you need and aren't durable. A wide range of coatings and finishes means that all materials can be professionally treated to ensure their reliability.


Powder coating & painting

Create a professional finish on your product with powder coating and paint finishes. Whatever colour you require can be mixed to your specifications.


Zinc coating & galvanising protections

Protect your steel and iron products. Zinc coating and galvanising protects steel and iron from corrosion and other issues that exposed steel and iron face. This ensures that your product will have a long life.


Tin & silver electroplating

Tin and silver often have problems with electrical contact. This can hinder the durability of your product. Electroplating is a cost effective way of protecting your tin and silver to ensure you have no problems further down the line.


Anodising aluminium finishing

Ensure the durability of your aluminium products with anodising finishes. Anodising helps to ensure the long life of all aluminium products, as well as being chemically stable, non-toxic and heat-resistant.


Metal heat treatment & hardening

Don't put up with weak metals that can't meet your needs. Any grade of steel used for your product can be hardened, to make it sustainable against the most challenging circumstances.